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Sheep fencing from Tornado Wire

Tornado’s range of sheep fencing has been engineered to offer maximum strength, security and longevity to protect your sheep, whilst offering exceptional value with minimal lifetime costs.

The total number of people working on farms has halved since the 1970s meaning there is less time available for regular maintenance jobs such as tightening stock fences so this makes it even more important to choose a fencing that requires less maintenance or changing!

Tornado Fencing ticks all the boxes: Robust, Reliable, Rapid and Reasonable.

Looking for Sheep Fencing?

Most people choose

Tornado R8/80/22

R8/80/22 PDF

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Torus Stiffstay Knot Features Benefits
Knot Information
  • High-pressure bonded knot with continuous vertical stay wire
  • StiffStay
  • Smooth knot with no sharp edges
  • Stronger than a hinge joint knot
  • Grant Approved
  • Using Torus with FG2 grant in England allows posts to be spaced further apart than traditional hinge joint stockfence

Points to consider

High Tensile Sheep Fencing

Farmers know that effective grassland management requires strong and reliable fencing that will last for decades. Modern fencing solutions use high tensile wire that can be strained tighter than mild steel. There are numerous benefits to using high tensile wire which include:

Low maintenance stock fencing

Tornado Torus stock fencing is strained tight and stays tight, meaning minimal maintenance is required.

  • Does not Stretch with weathering, so does not need to be retightened annually
  • Quicker to erect

Is High Tensile Sheep fencing difficult to erect?

Whilst High Tensile fencing does require a different technique to erect than mild steel, it is no more difficult. Most farms have access to a post driver that can easily drive in strainers to the required depth. Bending high tensile wires and tying off is simple when using the correct technique.

Low Maintenance

Tornado High Tensile Fencing stays tight and does not stretch like mild steel, leaving you with one less job on your list!

Is High Tensile Fencing Expensive?

High Tensile mesh rolls may be more expensive to buy, but this is more than compensated for by the reduced numbers of posts and labour required.

Mild Steel Stock Fencing

Mild Steel Fencing

Mild steel stock-proof fencing was traditionally used by farmers to contain their livestock. Mild Steel has largely been replaced by High Tensile wire, although some installers still use it for some applications.

Curves or Turns on the fence line

Mild steel does not need to be strained as tightly as the High Tensile fences so gradual turns can be made off intermediate posts. This is particularly useful if you need to make a lot of turns on your fence.

Background Hedges

Where your fencing is supported by background hedges, mild steel fencing from Tornado can make a cost effective barrier that is easy to install.

Tornado Difference

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