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Why Tornado?

Our Company : Tornado was established over 5 decades ago with roots in farming and fence installation. Today we’re still focused on high quality animal fencing. Tornado’s factory is on the edge of the English Lake District, with modern facilities and extensive manufacturing and warehousing space.

Tornado is committed to the animal fencing marketplace Our Company

  • Tornado has the widest range of animal fencing products
  • We always have stock of a broad range of standard products available for immediate despatch
  • We support fencing with a range of tools and accessories, designed to make fence installation more efficient
  • We supply a broad range of long-standing merchants and outlets meaning Tornado fencing is readily available local to the fencing project
  • This distribution network is always able to call on the support of our Technical Sales Engineers to advise and help them support their customers

What is Tornado Difference?

What is the Tornado Difference?

Quality from Factory to Field

At Tornado we have a passion for quality. We work hard every day to make the best fencing

  • Better Performance
  • Better Installation
  • Better lifetime costs

The Quality of our products is built on 3 pillars

  1. High quality, consistent raw materials
  2. Vetted and tested by Tornado
  3. Best available machinery
  4. All sourced from the best machine makers in the world
  5. Well trained, dedicated employees
  6. Permanent employees who follow detailed training plans to achieve expert status

Quality You Can Measure

In recent testing we compared Tornado fences to competitors. We found Tornado fences were measurably better;

Torus stiff stay Fence

  • 16% higher tensile strength stay wires in Tornado Torus fence than competitor A’s equivalent design
  • Competitor A’s knots failed at only 11kg load on line wires and 17kg load on stay wires
  • Torus fence knots did not fail on either line or stay wires when the test was completed at 35kg load

  • Hinge Joint Fence

  • 9% more wire in Tornado fence than competitor B
  • 22% higher tensile strength wire in Tornado fence than competitor B
  • 44% more galv weight on Tornado fence than competitor B

Quality You Can Measure

Tornado supports quicker and better fence installation

  • Tornado's consistently high-quality products can be installed quickly without any hassle
  • Tornado’s grant approved products last and stand up to tough conditions
  • Tornado make fence in a range of roll sizes, including larger rolls for efficient, mechanised installation
  • Tornado’s product range means we have the optimal fence design for each situation
  • The strongest nets for high pressure, large animal environments, protecting vital infrastructure
  • Safe and secure nets specifically designed to avoid injury to domestic horses and dogs
  • The widest range of net designs, knot types and wire gauges to contain and protect your livestock at the optimum cost
  • Our Field Technical Sales Team can support you to make the right choice for your project – read our Case Studies
  • We have a long history of innovating and designing new fences to meet special situations, contact our Technical Sales Team if you have a demanding project

Fencing Community

Tornado Invests in the Fencing Community

  • Tornado’s fencing competition was the first in the UK, showcasing the skills of the best fencers, driving standards in the industry
  • Tornado sponsored the first international entrants to the Silver Spades competition at New Zealand’s Fieldays
  • Tornado has struck a long-term partnership with the Association of Fencing Industries to promote best practices and improve techniques
  • Tornado is supporting the next generations.
  • We continually hire apprentices
  • Tornado supports young farmer’s groups to learn and compete in fencing competitions

Tornado Invests in the Fencing Community

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