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Torus Fence Nets

Torus Stiffstay Fence Nets

Torus Stiffstay Knot
Fencing Information Torus

Torus Nets are Tornado’s most popular range of fences, having been widely adopted in the last decade as a great all-round performer. Torus fences all use high tensile line wires so can be tensioned along their full length and will maintain that throughout their long life. The Torus knot clasps the vertical and horizontal wires together, but leaves no sharp edges for animals to catch themselves on. The solid vertical “stiff-stay” wire from top to bottom of the net gives great shape and resilience during installation and service. Some grant systems allow posts to be spaced further apart when using Torus and Titan nets, lowering the total cost of materials for the project. Can be used for a wide range of species; Livestock, Horses, Deer, Dogs and smaller wild species like Otters, Beavers or Badgers

Torus Fence Nets

Titan Fixed Knot Fence Nets

Titan Knot
Titan Fencing Information

Titan fixed knot fence nets are the strongest nets Tornado produces. They are constructed from using high tensile line wires and have solid vertical wires. As a “stiff-stay” net it gives great shape resilience during installation and service and some grant systems allow the posts to be spread further apart. This can lower the overall material cost of the project. The Titan “fixed knot” net provides a very strong net able to hold its position even under pressure from large or powerful animals like Cattle, Bison, Moose, Elk, Wild Boar and even Camels!.

Hinge Joint Net

Hinge Joint Knot

Hinge Joint Nets
Hinge Joint Knots

Hinge Joints are the traditional fence nets which have been used for many decades. They are available in high tensile and mild steel wires. The vertical wires join each line wire to the next and wrap around the next vertical wire. The fence can hinge with these knots. There are occasions when this is advantageous, for instance when turning out a top or bottom section of the net to prevent predators bypassing the fence over or under. Mild steel nets can be helpful where the animal pressure is low and there are many changes in direction and elevation of the fence, but require more maintenance to re-tension over their service life. Hinge joint fences are most often used for livestock fences in conjunction with barbed wire

Torus Fence Nets

Titan Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Tornado’s Titan Barbed Wire is highly regarded for its quality and consistency. Our Titan barb is high tensile 2 x 2mm wires stranded with barbs woven in-between. Tornado can also supply a lighter gauge high tensile barbed wire using 1.6mm wires and a traditional mild steel barbed wire with 2.5mm wires. Barbed wire is most commonly used with one or two lines above a fence net to provide an additional deterrent for livestock and mixed use enclosures. It can be used on its own in multiple lines when there are cattle only in a field

Plain Wire Coils

Plain Wire Coils

Plain Wire Coils
Plain Wire Coils

Tornado supplies its high quality wire in plain coils in a range of diameters to suit different applications on easy-reel bobbins or also larger coils for uncoiling using a “spinning jenny”. Fencers will often use a plain wire as an initial guide wire or to clip other products to it. A line or two of plain wire above a fence net can also be used to lift the total barrier height when the use of barbed wire isn't appropriate, for instance near horses or alongside public access areas

Hexagonal Wire Nets

Hexagonal Wire Nets

Hexagonal net
Hexagonal Wire Nets

Small mesh hexagonal woven wire nets or "Hex Net" are used to control small animals like rabbits or poultry from ingress into areas. Forestry management organisations will use it to protect newly planted saplings and small trees from attack and arable farmers can find it cost effective to improve their crop yields in areas where herbivores are present in large numbers. Hexagonal nets are often used in conjunction with high tensile larger mesh fence nets. Tornado supplies hexagonal nets in a range of heights and two quality levels. Our Premium net is generally regarded as the best-available hex net and is heavy galvanised for long service life. Our Budget range is more suited to temporary works or to protect tree saplings during vulnerable early years.

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