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Tornado’s range of Clipex® steel posts

Clipex® started in 2007 when the Olsson family from Australia invented a patented clip on a fence post and to this day manufacture these posts in their own factory. Clipex’s goal was to develop a fence that is strong whilst being easier and significantly faster to erect.

In Australia steel fence posts based around a Y shaped picket design have been used successfully for many, many years. The innovation of Clipex posts was to integrate clips into the post so the fiddly and time-consuming fixing of wire ties was avoided. The fence net is offered up to the leading edge of the post and then the line wires are engaged into the slots which are precisely positioned and they are held in place as the spring clip moves back into position.

In the UK the use of steel posts for fencing is growing fast due to some concerns over the longevity of various timber treatments as well as the speed benefits.

Clipex posts have the clip spacing aligned to the fence design being installed. Tornado has partnered with Clipex to launch a range of Clipex posts aligned to Tornado’s popular Torus fence ranges. Tornado is stocking posts for three different fence categories; Livestock, Rail and Deer with both Clipex 3mm thick Standard and 3.5mm Beefy™ posts for each fence height. Clipex recommend installation of a Beefy™ post in a ratio of one in every five posts.

The standard configuration for livestock fencing is a ground wire, spaced at 50mm above ground followed by a Torus 80cm high net, for instance R8/80/22. This is topped off by two strands of barbed/plain wire, one spaced at 75mm and the top strand at 150mm. This gives an overall fence height of circa 1.1m.

Cattle/Rail and Deer posts only have provision for one strand of barbed/plain wire at the top spaced at 50mm.

Clipex posts are hot dipped galvanised in accordance with British Standards with a coat weight of 600 g/m2. They are manufactured from steel with a tensile strength of 520-620 N/mm² and feature Clipex’s strengthening plate and anti-lift

Your Tornado regular contact can support you on your choice of steel posts and answer any questions you have. A simple FAQ is below and also some of Clipex’s installation videos for your convenience.


Why do I need to use Torus Netting?

These Clipex posts have clips positioned specifically to fit Torus netting. Tornado Torus Netting features a solid vertical wire commonly referred to as ‘stiff-stay’ in accordance with the latest Countryside Stewardship Grant this enables posts to be spaced up to 6m. If using Hinge Joint whether it be mild steel or high tensile the maximum post spacing will be 3m. Our Hinge Joint livestock netting can fit the Clipex livestock posts, but it’s not specifically designed to fit the line wire spacing.

Can I use your Clipex posts with other manufactures netting?

No. We have invested in the latest technology and all our looms are manufacturing nets with metric line wire spacings. These Clipex posts have their spacings aligned specifically to Tornado's Torus fences. Some other brands of wire are still working on imperial line wire spacing.

When should I use a Beefy™ post?

We would recommend installing a Beefy™ post with a ratio of 1:4 so one Beefy in every five posts in the fenceline to give the fence more rigidity. This can be increased in high pressure area’s or decreased in low pressure areas.

Can I use Clipex posts for 3 strands of barbed wire?

Yes. The design of the Clipex posts enables barbed or plain wire to be located in any of the clips instead of using netting.

Can I use the Clipex posts for rabbit netting?

Yes. Simply install the required number of plain wires on the Clipex posts and tension. The rabbit netting can then be clipped to the line wire. The same would also apply to welded mesh and chain link.

How long will the posts last?

As with all galvanised products the atmospheric and soil conditions can have an effect on its longevity, however in normal conditions we would expect a service of 30 years.

Do you offer the Eco posts?

We can source eco posts to order. We offer the standard 3mm and Beefy™ 3.5mm posts as stock items. The eco posts are not as strong being made of thinner gauge steel, so fencers might need to be selective around what circumstances an eco post is suitable for. Tornado recommends installation of its nets with the standard and Beefy™ posts for a broad range of situations. If you are being quoted for posts from alternative sources, then we recommend you double-check that you’re being quoted for the standard 3mm posts or the eco 2.5mm posts.

Can the posts be recycled?

Yes. The posts are fully recyclable.

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