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Game Bird fencing from Tornado Wire

Tornado has a long history of working with gamekeepers to develop innovative fencing solutions. Whether it is the invention of the industry standard Pheasant-Friendly stock fence, engineering a permanent solution for low-flying bird fence strikes or simply providing mesh for pens, Tornado is the first choice for many gamekeepers.

Looking for Game Bird Fencing?

Most people choose this for Pheasant Friendly Fencing

Tornado R6/85/22

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Hexagonal netting 1800 x 25

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Torus StayStiff Knot Features Benefits
Knot Information
  • High-pressure bonded knot with continuous vertical stay wire
  • Smooth knot with no sharp edges
  • Stronger than a hinge joint knot

Points to consider

Torus Pheasant Friendly

More than 25 years ago, Tornado’s specialists, in conjunction with The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, developed the ‘Pheasant-Friendly’ fence. Gamekeepers had previously solved the problem of allowing game birds to pass through a stock fence by turning it upside down. This seriously compromised the effectiveness of the fence for its primary purpose of containing stock. The solution is a stock fence, with fewer line wires that allows game birds to pass freely, while securely enclosing sheep and cattle, that has become standard within the industry.

Preventing Fence Strikes by low-flying game birds

Tornado Game Bird Deflectors act as warning signs to low-flying birds, dramatically reducing game bird deaths. While deer fencing in an upland environment is essential in controlling deer movement it can be lethal for low-flying birds. Our deflectors effectively combat this common problem. Manufactured to the highest standard, our deflectors are small, bespoke metal plates that sit neatly on deer fencing and reflect sunlight. Birds are alerted to the danger and encouraged to fly over the fence. Our plates are easy to attach to deer fencing and remain secure to ensure the long-term protection of game and other birds.

Tornado Difference

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