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Dog field fencing from Tornado Wire

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Whether it is for training purposes, a private exercise session or just to allow a dog to be off its lead without the worry that it may be stolen, the popularity of dog exercise, walking or training fields has grown rapidly over the last few years.

The best dog fields have a well chosen, large enough area of ground which is then protected by a high quality fence which can securely contain the dogs without the risk they can hurt themselves on the fence.

As the leading UK supplier of fencing for controlling animals of all kinds in or out, Tornado is able to advise on the most effective fencing systems for your dog exercise field.

Our dog field fencing products are strong, cost-effective and quick to install, with no sharp edges and a small mesh size. With Tornado you'll be able to hit your budget, timescale and have a dog field fence that you can trust was made to last.

Looking for Dog field fencing?

Most people choose

Tornado R19/180/5


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Torus StayStiff Knot Features Benefits
Knot information
  • High-pressure bonded knot with continuous vertical stay wire
  • Cost-effective
  • Requires fewer intermediate posts/li>

Points to consider

Torus High Tensile wire dog field fencing

A safe place to walk your dog

Tornado Dog Field Fence has been developed as the ultimate perimeter barrier for dog walking and exercise fields. The fence should allow owners to relax with their dogs off the lead, knowing that there are no large enough gaps for their pets to push through or low fences that can be jumped. Tornado’s range of dog fence addresses these potential issues.

A Speciality product for a special application

Tornado R19/180/5 has 100mm x 50mm grid apertures that make it impenetrable for even the smallest of dogs. It is manufactured with high tensile wire which strains tighter than mild steel and so requires fewer intermediate posts It is also suitable for any livestock that may periodically be kept in the field posts.

What height dog field fence

A standard stock fence at a metre tall is vulnerable to bigger dogs jumping over it. A fence of at least 1.5mtrs is usually recommended. At 1.8mtr tall R19/180/5 is high enough not be jumped even by large dogs.

Tornado Difference

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