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Quality Badger Fencing

We understand the importance of keeping badgers off roads and railways. Quite apart from the danger to the animals themselves, there is also a risk to vehicles and people as a result of unexpected collisions.

Road and railway fencing must be strong to exclude animals such as deer, badgers and wild boar, but it must also retain its shape over long periods of time. Otherwise contractors and agencies face costly maintenance and repair bills.

A standard stock fence is little deterrent against determined creatures making every effort to follow their established routes. Tornado road and railway fencing provides a clear barrier that will stand the test of time. Manufactured from High Tensile wire, it offers a quality and cost-effective solution that adheres to the highest British and European standards.

Throughout the development of Tornado’s fencing for infrastructure projects, we have forged a close working relationship with highways agencies, rail networks, civil engineers, local authorities and conservationist groups in order to develop the best solutions for infrastructure projects.

Our road and railway fencing products are competitively priced and quick to install, so it’s easy to keep to tight budgets and timescales. High-profile projects include the M6 Toll and the widening of the A453 in the UK.

Looking for badger fencing?

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Tornado R15/158/8


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Torus Knot Badger Fencing Features Benefits
Knot Information
  • High-pressure bonded knot with continuous vertical stay wire
  • Smooth Knot with no sharp edges
  • Stronger than a hinge joint knot

Points to consider

Torus High Tensile wire Badger

Keeping badgers out

This is a notoriously difficult challenge. They are very strong; they climb and can burrow under a fence in minutes. A standard stock fence is little deterrent against these determined creatures who will make every effort to follow their established routes. They are a dangerous hazard on roads and are accused of spreading Bovine TB to cattle so their containment is essential in many circumstances.

Keep badgers out permanently

Manufactured from High Tensile line wires, with 8cm vertical wires, to provide the high level of resistance necessary to keep badgers out. Fencing should be dug in to a depth of 600mm and folded outwards to prevent badgers from burrowing underneath it. Zinc and zinc aluminium coated agricultural fence service life can be affected significantly when exposed to extremely acidic or saline environments and this factor should be considered when designing your fence installation. For typical service life to be achieved it is recommended that the product must be installed in an atmosphere with corrosively class C1, C2 or C3 (very low/low/medium) in accordance with ISO 9223 and must not come into contact with substances that will accelerate corrosion, including but not limited to fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, salt water and soils of pH lower than 5.5. Particularly at sites with peaty and wet ground conditions it is recommended that you have the soil pH tested prior to designing your installation. To prevent the fence being climbed, the top can be finished with barbed wires, electrified wires or cranked outwards.

What height badger fence

Our badger fence is available in a variety of heights. It is not only suited to keeping badgers at bay, but keeping your animals fenced in.

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