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Gripple Plus Medium Tool Deal 250 Medium Gripples + Torq TensioningTool

Stock Code: ACGR000009

Medium Gripples

Wire joiners for the patching and tensioning of all types and sizes of wire fencing.

Join and tension in one

Faster than tying and knotting wires

Saves time and money in labour

High load holding

High grade ceramic roller for optimum corrosion resistance

Adjustable and can be re-tensioned year-after-year

Torq Tensioning Tool

The Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool is a wire tensioner tool that regulates the load applied to it, delivering consistent results and maximising the life of your wire. Ideal for wire fence tensioning.

Allows tensioning of wire up to 400 kg with minimal effort due to the 6:1 gear drive mechanism

The Torq Tensioning Tool will work on all Gripple units up to a 6 mm diameter

The integral torque gauge controls the load applied to the wire, giving consistent tension every time and optimising the life of the wire

Measure from 100 kg to 300 kg

Easy to use and lightweight for repetitive tensioning

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