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Hinge Joint LHT15/158/8 Light High Tensile Poultry 100m

Stock Code: HZLH151503

Pallet Quantity - 9 Rolls

Common Applications

Poultry / Wild Fowl

Poultry fencing is designed for two main purposes:

To keep chickens or other poultry safely contained

To deter common predators such as dogs and foxes from entering the enclosure

We understand that keeping your chickens and turkeys secure is extremely important; Tornado Wire’s High Tensile Poultry Fencing provides a secure barrier to do exactly that. It was developed following consultation with a leading poultry and egg specialist who required a bespoke solution to their fencing requirements. It keeps chickens in, while effectively deterring predators and achieves this while remaining cost-effective.

The LHT15/158/8 is manufactured from 2mm High Tensile wire, its spring-like properties enable the fence to flex under pressure, but still remain secure. In addition, 80mm vertical wires help to ensure birds are kept safe from harm. It features the traditional, cost-effective hinge joint which enables the netting to be turned out or cranked for use in special applications.

A Tornado free range poultry farm fence would usually be erected with approximately 330mm turned out, delivering a finished fence height of 1250mm. It can be used in conjunction with an off-set electric wire.


Number of line wires 15

Overall height 158cm

Distance between stay wires 8cm

Top & bottom line wire specification 2mm diameter - 1100 - 1250 N/mm2

Intermediate line wire specification 2mm diameter - 1100 - 1250 N/mm2

Vertical stay wire specification 2mm diameter - 695 - 850 N/mm2

Approx. weight per 100m roll 114kg

Material composition heavily galvanised steel wire

British & European Standards

BSEN 10218

BSEN 10223

BSEN 10244

Hinge Joint LHT15/158/8 Light High Tensile Poultry 100m

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