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Torus Stiff Stay RL19/180/5 C14 Light High Tensile Otter 50m

Stock Code: RZLH191808

Pallet Quantity - 9 Rolls

Common Applications:

Otter Exclusion / Beavers


Otter fencing is used to restrict otters from entering specific areas – usually lakes containing valuable fish upon which otters would naturally seek to prey.

We understand that protecting fish from predatory otters is vital to the commercial success of angling lakes; Tornado Wire’s High Tensile otter fencing protects the valuable investment of expensive stock.

As otters are adept at climbing, the top 500mm should be cranked towards the outside. Otters can squeeze through surprisingly small gaps. With a mesh of 100mm x 50mm, Tornado otter fence is a proven barrier.

To help prevent Otters from digging underneath fencing, at least 500mm should be buried into the ground or turned out at ground level. To achieve this, combine the RL19/180/5 C14 with RL6/50/5 C5 as a two piece otter fence. The two nets are connected with netting clips.


New schemes are re-introducing beavers in all areas of the UK and Tornado Wire have been working with associations to ensure the animals are contained safely and securely.

Combining the RL19/180/5 C14 with RL11/100/5 C10 anti-dig skirt, creates a two-piece beaver fence.

The net has pre-stripped ends for ease of joining. It features solid vertical wires, commonly referred to as “stiff-stay”, and the unobtrusive high pressure bonded Torus knot which does not have any sharp edges. The spring like properties of a high tensile wire help the netting stay tight, keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Number of line wires 19

Overall height 180cm

Distance between stay wires 5cm

Top & bottom line wire specification 2mm diameter - 1100 - 1250N/mm2

Intermediate line wire specification 2mm diameter - 1100 - 1250N/mm2

Vertical stay wire specification 2mm diameter - 695 - 1250N/mm2

Approx. weight per 50m roll 79kg

Material composition heavily galvanised steel wire

British & European Standards

BSEN 10218 BSEN 10223 BSEN 10244

Ground Contact

Zinc and zinc aluminium coated agricultural fence service life can be affected significantly when exposed to extremely acidic or saline environments and this factor should be considered when designing your fence installation. For typical service life to be achieved it is recommended that the product must be installed in an atmosphere with corrosively class C1, C2 or C3 (very low/low/medium) in accordance with ISO 9223 and must not come into contact with substances that will accelerate corrosion, including but not limited to fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, salt water and soils of pH lower than 5.5. Particularly at sites with peaty and wet ground conditions it is recommended that you have the soil pH tested prior to designing your installation.

Torus Stiff Stay RL19/180/5 C14 Light High Tensile Otter 50m

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RL19_180_5 - 2 PIECE OTTER FENCE RL19_180_5 - 2 PIECE OTTER FENCE.pdf

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