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Torus Stiff Stay R15/158/8 High Tensile Badger 50m

Stock Code: RZST151502

Pallet Quantity - 9 Rolls

Common Applications

Badger Exclusion / Road and Rail / Embankment

R15/158/8 comes with pre-stripped ends for ease of joining. It is ideal for use along highways or areas where badger movements need to be restricted. The solid, closely spaced vertical stay wires, commonly referred to as “stiff-stay”, add strength and help prevent badgers from pushing through the fence. It can also be used as embankment netting.

R15/158/8 meets Highways Agency specifications H46 and H47, and features the unobtrusive high pressure bonded Torus knot which does not have any sharp edges.

High tensile wire strains tighter than mild steel and so requires fewer intermediate posts, making it quicker to erect. The spring like properties of a high tensile wire help the netting stay tight, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The bottom 600mm can be buried and turned out to prevent badgers digging below the fence, and barbed wire can be added to the top of the fence to prevent climbing when used as a stand-alone badger fence.


Number of line wires - 15

Overall height -158cm

Distance between stay wires - 8cm

Top & bottom line wire specification 2.5mm diameter - 1235 - 1390 N/mm2

Intermediate line wire specification 2.5mm diameter - 1235 - 1390 N/mm2

Vertical stay wire specification 2.5mm diameter - 695 - 850 N/mm2

Approx. weight per 50m roll 81kg

Material composition heavily galvanised steel wire

British & European Standards

BSEN 10218

BSEN 10223

BSEN 10244

Torus Stiff Stay R15/158/8 High Tensile Wild Boar 50m

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