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When you have a time sensitive job to do, use Torus net!


Torus Stiff-Stay R8/80/22


We recently completed this job at Tabley House on behalf of the Crown Estate. Our instructions were to replace the existing stock netting fence around the tearoom car park which was old and tired.

The estate is set in 590 acres of prime grazing land which is home to both sheep and cattle. The Tabley Estate also includes a Grade 2 listed building, nursing home and tearoom. It is also used as a showground throughout the summer and is the home of Knutsford Races.


This job included replacing around 200 meters of stock netting around the perimeter of the car park. There was also a kissing gate to replace and an extra field gate to add. Vehicular access to the car park is by way of a cattle grid which also needed to be incorporated into the fence line.

The new field gate was originally planned for the top corner of the car park which was in some trees. After a site visit, it was decided that the gate should be installed in a more accessible and practical position and the plans were revised.


We used high-tensile stock netting and 2 strands of barbed wire to replace the existing fencing. A 12ft wooden field gate was installed in the revised position and we incorporated the cattle grid into the fence line by railing alongside the grid.

A new kissing gate to allow pedestrian access from the car park to the grounds was installed to replace the existing gate. The car park remained open while our work was carried out. The tearoom is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so we started this job first thing on Monday morning to get the majority of the work done while the car park was at its quietest.


We used Tornado high tensile stock netting R8/80/22, which has the unobtrusive Torus knot. The knots in this wire are high-pressure treated and do not have any sharp edges, making it safe for livestock.

This Torus fence net is also much easier to work with than a traditional hinge joint fence net, speeding up the job considerably. We installed an intermediate post every 3 meters and a straining post every 50 meters, or at every significant change of direction.

For the new gate, we used a Charlton Gates 12ft wooden field gate, which was hung on 8ft 7×7 posts. The kissing gate includes a 4ft gate from the same manufacturer.


The car park looks neater and the fencing is safer.

The is a new access gate that can be used if there were any problems with the cattle grid. This fence now gives a clear, safe boundary between the car park and the fields.

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