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Case Studies

Choosing the right fence for multiple applications

Horse Paddock and boundary


Torus Stiff-Stay R12/110/8


In February of this year, we were given the task of installing over 1500m of horse paddock fencing at a livery yard in Ormskirk. The customers wanted to fence a previously unused field to expand their grazing paddocks. The field was a large, flat, blank canvas- our favourite kind!

In this case, the customers asked for a perimeter fence, and 3 internal paddocks with external and internal gates.

Choosing the right fence for multiple applications

The field borders a footpath which is popular with dog walkers, so dog-proof fencing was a requirement for the perimeter fence. One gate is also on the footpath, so this needed to be made dog-proof too. Of course, the most important aspect of this job was to make the paddocks safe for the horses.

Originally, the customer enquired about stock fencing for this project, however after a consultation with one of our Contracts Managers, it was agreed that Horse Fence would be more appropriate.

The small holes in Horse Fence make it impossible for horses to get their feet through the wire. The small holes also have the added bonus of being able to keep out even the smallest of dogs. These two factors make Horse Fence the ideal product for this situation.

This type of fence also gives the option to add and electrify a strand of plain wire to prevent the horses from rubbing on or leaning over the fence.


We used a Horse fence from Tornado Wire which stands 1.10m tall; Torus R12/110/8. We then added one strand of plain wire on top, which added another 20mm to the overall height of the fence, and with the addition of insulators allowed that line to be electrified.

We install this type of fence with an intermediate post every 3 meters, and a straining post a maximum of every 50 meters, or at every significant change of direction. This field had a few changes of direction along one side, and a completely straight run on the other- a Fencer’s dream!

We used 12ft galvanised steel field gates for both the internal and external gateways. For the external gate that borders the footpath, we used a 15ft galvanised steel, full mesh field gate, to make the entire perimeter dog-proof.


The results of this project are 3 large horse-safe, completely dog-proof paddocks. They also look extremely smart, even if we do say so ourselves!

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